As we can read in this Avalon water dispenser review, Avalon water dispensers can be used for either cold or hot water. Many other water dispensers for homes have this feature. If you want the best water dispensers for your homes, you should consider different factors. In this article, we have listed some things you should consider.

Different Types of Water Dispensers

With the number of water dispensers on the market, we have to decide what dispenser we need. The water dispenser we pick depends on our budgets and preferences. We have electric and non-electric water dispensers that serve the same purpose but with different power sources.

Meanwhile, the water dispenser you picked should depend on whether you want to install it in some specific areas or how you want to use it. For example, you can decide to buy the mounted, countertop, or freestanding model.

One of the things you can consider is where you would place an electric outlet for your dispenser. With these factors, you have different things to install or put in place before bringing the water dispenser home.

The Capacity

The water dispenser’s capacity is essential to what you want to achieve with it. If you have enough people who want to use the dispenser, the capacity should be more than when you use it alone. Therefore, consider the number of people who would use the dispenser before purchasing.

Power Consumption

We have different water dispensers with varying power consumption. Hence, you have to consider the cooling ability of your dispenser. The compressor used by the dispenser is vital, especially if power is a challenge. Notwithstanding, the weather or season determines the type of compressor your water dispenser would use.

Also, if you have a dispenser that produces hot and cold water, it would need more power than those that only dispense cold water.

water dispenser produces hot and cold water

Child Lock Features

If you have kids around, you should think of dispensers with child lock features. In addition, it can save you the stress of cleaning spilled water.

Maintenance and Ease of Use

It will help to consider how easily you can use the dispenser before buying any model. Some dispensers come with modern features that make it seamless to operate them. Also, buy dispensers that are easy to maintain. Low maintenance models are more popular in terms of cleaning and replacing parts. On the other hand, you don’t want to buy a dispenser that will be difficult to find parts replacement.


We have listed some of the factors you should consider before making your purchase. Finally, read user reviews to learn more about the dispenser you want to buy.

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