Truth be told, having American-made products such as furniture and kitchenware in your home can give you a sense of joy and confidence. In a Consumer Reports survey conducted in 2015, almost 8 out of 10 Americans reported that they would prefer to have US-made products in their homes rather than imported products.

This is because American-made products are high-quality compared to goods purchased overseas.

Quality is Assured

Since manufacturing has had a long history in the US, American-made products are a result of skills and trade developed in the past. The products also go through rigid quality checks and are made with the highest craftsmanship. Even though they can be a little more expensive, customers are assured that they are purchasing something top-notch and long-lasting.

Nevertheless, many companies choose to manufacture their products in other countries because of the expenses. Labor and cost of materials are cheaper in many countries compared to the USA. However, a downside of this is that quality can be compromised. This can be a problem for American consumers since products with below-par quality do not last for a long period.

Additionally, when products are designed, sourced, and assembled in the US, companies have better control of the quality and production. It also helps to improve the country’s economy.


The other issue with foreign-made products is safety. Generally, the safety standards are not very strict in many overseas countries and this can affect the overall quality of the products.

Some of these countries also do not regulate the materials used to make home products. They can be considered unhealthy or unsafe in the US. American Made has domestic engineers that test out the materials used and ensure that products observe the American safety standards and consumer protection laws to protect the consumers.

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to products and materials made in the US, there is a higher carbon footprint for imported products because they travel longer and farther. These products also burn large amounts of fossil fuel and release greenhouse gases when being shipped from one country to another. As a result, the ocean and wildlife are disrupted.

Besides, manufacturing home products is considerably cheaper overseas because there are fewer or no environmental regulations. This, therefore, means that huge amounts of poisonous chemicals are released and can cause water, air, and soil pollution. On the other hand, spending money on American-made products protects the earth since strict environmental regulations are adhered to.

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